About SecurityResearchMap

About SecurityResearchMap


“Research” area:

The “Research” area of the “SecurityResearchMap” is an interactive atlas of security research expertise in Germany. Institutes that work in security research can enter their profile on the map. Site visitors can search by region, area of application and field of technology and then view the results on user-friendly maps. There are also detailed filters for searching for specific areas of application and fields of technology.


“Student guide” area:

The “Student guid” area is intended to help young researchers with an interest in civil security to find out about the courses on offer. The guide covers the entire rage of disciplines (humanities and social sciences, life scineces, natural scineces and engineering) and provides a description of each course along with all of the key contact infromation (website URL, postal adresses and contact data) plus important facts about the courses (duration, start date and fees). The guide was drawn up by the “Forschungsforum Öffentliche Sicherheit” (Research Forum on Public Safety and Security) and is also available free of charge in print form (see www.scherheit-forschung.de/schriftenreihe/).



Search Filters  


 Users can select various criteria (from institutions’ key areas of research to geographical location) or perform full-text searches to find the profiles of relevant registered institutions on the interactive map of Germany.


Specific federal states can be displayed individually by clicking on the state in the overall map or using the relevant function in the pull-down menu. The search filters can be activated/deactivated individually by ticking the appropriate boxes, which causes the resulting map to be generated automatically. The “Clear search filters” button can be used to clear all of the search filters in one go.






The pie chart in the right-hand margin shows a breakdown by type of institution for the whole of Germany or for the selected federal state.




Technical Requirements 


The SecurityResearchMap is optimised for screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 or higher and use with Firefox or Internet Explorer (Version 7 or higher) web browsers. If older browsers are used, the content may be displayed differently than intended.

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