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HAVERKAMP offers you an extensive product range for mechanical security technology, outdoor protection and solar protection for buildings.


In our Project corporate division, we combine our knowledge with the competencies of high-performance partners and thus offer you integrated property solutions from a single source.


Consultation, manufacture, service and finally installation are implemented throughout Europe by our own trained specialist personnel and using authorized specialist dealers.


HAVERKAMP protects against


- Burglary

- Shooting

- Explosives attacks

- Vandalism

- Intrusion on grounds, including alarm detection


All resistance classes in the designated security areas can be realized with the innovative safety technologies from HAVERKAMP



- CLASSIC® electrically monitored front grating system

- Levering blocks

- FenceGARD® wire mesh fence monitored by closed-circuit current

- GimaGARD® electrical monitored steel lattice fence

- GlasGARD® Alarm fence penetration-shot with climb-over detection

- GroundGARD® - invisible perimeter security

- MicroGARD® Microphone monitored alarm fence

- ProtectGARD® High performance climb-over detection

- RadarGARD® Digital Sensor System

- HAKAGARD® sliding windows with penetration-shot hampering

- HAKAGARD® mobile penetration-shot hampering mobile elements

- SolarGARD® - The innovative energy alarm fence

- StepGARD® Area detection system supervised by closed-circuit current

- WallGARD® Climb-over detection for walls of stone and concrete

- OPALFILM® Anti-Shatter Films

- WoodGARD® High-quality wooden fence with break-through and climb-over detection

- PROFILON® ALARM A1: security film with alarm function

- PROFILON® AX A1: Security film with throw-through hampering properties

- PROFILON® ER 1: security film with bomb blast resistant properties

- PROFILON FF® security film for glass facades

- PROFILON® SD: security film providing “Full Spectrum Protection”

- Prosecural® Front-attachment frame

- ShipGARD® - Modular high-performance scaling security

- STABAGARD® Safety curtain explosive-bursting-effect prevention



Sun Protection and Film Technologie for:

Heat protection, Anti-glare protection, UV-Protection, anti shatter / surface protection, protection against vandalism, Privacy protection, Decoration and structuring, Automotive films



- OPALFILM® silver/grey 2R Diamant Stabila B1 flame retardant

- OPALFILM® Ornamental films

- OPALVARIO® panel screens

- OPALFILM® Reflecting films exterior

- OPALFILM® privacy protection film exterior

- OPALFILM® Reflecting films interior

- OPALFILM® privacy films interior

- OPALVARIO® roller blind systems


- OPALVARIO® vertical blinds

- OPALFILM® liquid film

- OPALFILM® Sputtered film interior


- Automotive films

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