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HEITEC was founded in 1984 in Erlangen by Richard Heindl and since then has developed into a leading European solution provider for automation and information technology. Early in 2000, a part of the HEITEC group changed its legal form to become stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft).


HEITEC offers complete, custom tailored solutions supplied by one and the same provider. HEITEC sees itself not only as a competent and efficient partner for large companies, but also smaller and medium-sized enterprises benefit more and more from HEITEC being in the lead as to the experience in this technological sector.


- Consulting, Engineering and Training

AP consulting, conception & planning, project monitoring, outsourcing, outplacement, qualification


- Plants and Machines construction

special machines, retrofit, processing centres, NC-/RC-programming, conveyor systems, mounting and handling systems, patented key processing centres


- Automation

(soft) PLC-programming, motion control (intelligent electrical drive engineering), operating and monitoring, process visualization/SCADA, safety integrated, electrical planning and switch cabinets, MES/BDE, vertical integration (ERP-connection), measuring and testing technique, industrial image processing


- Electronics

hardware design, FPGA-design, digital and analogue technique, circuit diagrams and layout, embedded software, prototype production, material procurement, small and medium series, mounting of devices, functional testing systems, test automation


- Documentation

service and operating manuals, SGML/ XML-based multimedia documentation, qualification/validation cGMP and GAMP, process and software documentation, technical illustrations, translations in foreign languages for PLC and operating programs, training documents


- Business Solutions/New Technologies

collaboration solutions (sharepoint), marketing and sales information systems, automated invoice processing, portals for business transaction processing for ad-ministrations and for the industry, European medical pilot check (EMPIC), RF solutions for telemetric processes, failure analysis in-formation system for service and maintenance system (SARA-SUI), measuring and process data archive (SARA-MPA), knowledge management, individual software development and data base applications


- Measurement and testing technology

Function Test System, Endurance Test Station, Component Test, System Test, Built- In-Self-Test (BITE), Measurement System Hardware (NI, Agilent, …), Building of Adapters (Needle Bed Adapter, …), LabVIEW, TestStand, DIAdem, Lab Windows/CVI

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