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Biosecurity and Biodefense
Qiagen Str. 1
40721 Hilden

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Dr. Thomas Schnibbe
Tel.: +49 211 29 16 35 8
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QIAGEN - Biosecurity and Biodefense Research Tools


QIAGEN is an innovation and technology leader in the field of biotechnology tools. Our mission is to create sample and assay technologies that enable access to content from any biological sample.


Rapid response to potential threats and thorough preparedness to thwart plans of bioterrorism are paramount for public safety and international security. As an industry leader in systems biology, QIAGEN understands the needs of the biodefense and biosecurity communities for nucleic acid and protein purification, as well as detection reagents and detection platforms.


- Preanalytical solutions

Biological threats come in many complicated and non-standard forms. QIAGEN’s capabilities enable rapid and accurate extraction and detection of nucleic acids from environmental, human, food and animal sample types providing researchers, contractors, and warfighters with the tools to combat bioterrorism. QIAGEN kits and instruments enable sensitive detection, meeting the needs of this dynamic market.


- Analytical solutions

In collaboration with Biosafety Level 4 (BSL4) laboratories in Europe, QIAGEN has developed first-line response assays for the rapid detection of biodefense related pathogens, deployable on a range of detection platforms.


- Solutions for any throughput

From manual solutions for small sample populations to high-throughput solutions for large numbers of samples, QIAGEN has the technology to address biological samples of any type. Every laboratory faces different demands and QIAGEN provides the technologies to meet them.


- Automated systems

A variety of innovative purification technologies developed by QIAGEN are available for automating applications in the biodefense sector supporting biopathogen detection and human identity. Low- and high-throughput automation formats are available to meet your customer needs, designed for nucleic acid purification, 6xHis-tagged protein purification, as well as general liquid handling techniques such as PCR setup. QIAGEN BioRobot Kits are designed for optimal performance on our automated platforms.


- Deployable solutions

Biodefense and biosecurity sample processing does not always happen in the laboratory. In case of a biological attack, it is paramount that sample collection, stabilization, and purification occurs at the very point of the incident to allow rapid identification of the agent and prevent its spread from the effected area. QIAGEN kits and robots can be applied virtually anywhere for efficient collection and stabilization of nucleic acids — even in the field for immediate detection of potential biological hazards.


- Systems integration

QIAGEN platforms and chemistries are applicable in front of any downstream detection system allowing flexibility of choice. In addition, QIAGEN is the perfect partner for systems integrators requiring a solution for nucleic acid preparation that suits any application.

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