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Civil Engineering
St.-Franziskus Str. 148
40470 Duesseldorf

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Dr.-Ing. Markus Nöldgen
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Schüßler-Plan (SP) was founded by Willi Schüßler in 1958 as a structural engineering company for buildings, bridges and tunnels. Still run in private ownership the company expanded from its original location in Düsseldorf to a Consult group consisting of four major engineering companies in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frank-furt and Warsaw.

SP is a modern service company with a broad and exacting range of services.

The companies planning and counselling competences include services in the fields of structural engineering - among those major federal and private office and residential buildings, department stores, malls, hotels, museums, sports halls and high-rise buildings - airport construction, concrete and steel bridge construction, railway construction, road construction, tunnel construction, construction and project management, survey-ing, landscape and environmental planning, development planning. The work is fundamentally based on the state-of-the-art standards and guidelines for current technology and material applications.

In the past two decades research efforts were conducted in cooperation with universities, research institutes and public authorities developing new standard road bridge prototypes, geothermal energy heating for bridges, risk assessment of infrastructure in case of natural hazards and terroristic threats and a future high-rise building prototype with regard to terroristic threats.


Consulting, planning, sophisticated analysis for new and built infrastructure (see profile)

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