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Airbus Defence and Space
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The Astrium Services Geo-information Division is recognised world leader in the geo-information market. It provides decision-makers worldwide sustainable solutions to increase security, protect the environment, and better manage natural resources. Its exclusive access to Spot and TerraSAR-X satellite data, as well as access to a full gamut of space data sources and airborne acquisition capabilities, enable it to offer an unrivalled combination of Earth observation products and services. Its portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain.


By building on the synergy of Astrium Services, the Geo-information division can also develop innovative solutions combining Earth observation, navigation and communication applications at competitive prices.


Infoterra’s expertise across all domains of geo-information helps defence & security organisations meet current challenges. Services are based on supporting the entire life cycle of geospatial data as used in any defence and intelligence process.


- ability to confidentially task timely satellite image collection on demand


- supply of commercial satellite imagery, including exclusive commercial access to TerraSAR-X imagery, and airborne acquisition platforms & sensors


- proven capability for rapidly turning geospatial data into intelligence information to enable timely, well-informed decision making- managing and disseminating data directly to the end user



In addition, our up-to-date, accurate and timely geo-information provides reliable and cost-effective answers to civil protection and rescue services, humanitarian relief community, insurance organisations, and all risk managers: Accurate geospatial data & specialised GIS tools, which are key elements for improved predictions and better risk-based decisions worldwide, include:


- flood risk management


- assets mapping


- rapid mapping


- damage assessment


- crisis management tools


- reconstruction planning.

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