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Gesellschaft für Projektions- und Großbildtechnik mbH
In Laisen 76
72766 Reutlingen

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Eric Hénique
Tel.: +49 (0) 7121 433 03 0
Fax.: +49 (0) 7121 433 03 22


eyevis is one of the leading manufacturers of large screen systems for control rooms, information, simulation and virtual reality. eyevis offers various visual solutions made in Germany, DLP cubes, LCD monitors, display wall processors, intelligent videowall management software and also image correction devices as well as professional projectors for VR and simulation. eyevis was founded in 1995 and has a realized references around the globe.


With a headquarters in Germany and several offices and subsidiaries around the world. eyevis has a worldwide network of official partners and resellers.





Control rooms, LCD, Simulation, Virtual Reality, DLP, monitor wall, rear projection, display wall, graphics controller, large video screen, display cube, high resolution, openWARP, eyecon, eyevis, netpix, videowall, command and control, display wall controller, LED DLP



eyevis offers a wide range of large screen systems for control rooms, presentation, information, VR and simultation, based on LCD or DLP cubes along with videowall processors, videowall management software, projectors, realtime DVI transmission over network, image correction devices and accessories.

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