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InnoTec DATA GmbH & Co. KG
An den Kolonaten 39
26160 Bad Zwischenahn

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Nils Johanning
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Future technologies are already here.

INNOTEC have taken a longsighted view of research, using future technological standards as todays yardstick instead of more conventional methods , in order to have tomorrows innovations today - technologically convincing, based on our already vast experience and with measurable advantages for our customers.


For a company started in 1991, challenges are never a problem but instead logical questions and chances. The solutions are individually and accurately geared to particular requirements of each case. These solutions are not merely bloodless reactions to external stimuli, but are carefully thought out long term plans - with the resource pool available to INNOTEC acting synergetically, coordinating the development and production of software and hardware and if necessary the further supervision of the project.


The sphere of computer and media technology is, in conjunction with certified specialist dealers in Europe, swiftly reaching maturity in the area of video monitoring. The developement of the PDR (Professional digital recording video surveillance) system has progressed since 1999, various degrees of which are currently available now and technologically can be designated as 'high end' level technology. An object management system was developed simultaneously, functioning as a GTS (global tracking) system whose limits as regards precision, flexibility and force of expression, have not been fully explored.


Besides this, INNOTEC. is among other things a member of the federal association of producers of security systems e.V. and the EHI retail institute e.V.


INNOTEC. occupies an optimal position, being right now where the future lies for a variety of enterprises and industries of different levels of magnitude. We look forward to welcoming everyone who joins us on the road to common success.



Applied know-how entails, not least of all, knowledge of the current state of affairs. The information should also be wide ranging and comprehensive- as with GTS. GTS (global tracking system) serves above all as an accurate detection system for personnel, vehicles and valuable assets such as machinery.



Video surveillance with the most modern technology is ideally suited to controlling operational, manufacturing or shipping applications - as well as the behavior of personnel in aspects of their public lives, when at their leasure or in the work environment. It serves equally to protect valuable lives and property.

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