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Broadband Laser Communications for Aerospace Applications
Friedrichshafener Str.1
82205 Gilching

Contact Persons

Dr. Markus Knapek
Tel.: +49 8105 7999 0


Mynaric produces the optical fiber for the skies, enabling high-speed and secure wireless data transmission between aircraft, UAVs and satellites.

Globally, the need for fast and ubiquitous network connectivity is advancing inexorably. Data networks such as the Internet are now largely based on infrastructure which cannot be expanded arbitrarily for legal, economic or logistical reasons. The future therefore calls for an expansion of the existing network infrastructure into air and space. Here, large corporations have been working on their own networks for years and are investing large sums. The common goal is the creation of an "internet above the clouds" consisting of hundreds or thousands of flight platforms or satellites.

To make these ideas come true, Mynaric provides the necessary technology offering products for wireless laser communications providing high-speed and secure wireless data transmission between the flight platforms and satellites. Mynaric has already been able to convince well-known international customers of its products and is currently proceeding to the next step of series production.


Mynaric supplies laser communication cpabilities for aerospace communication scenarios. It's product portfolio includes terminals for a large range of applications:

  • Air-to-air (Aircraft, UAVs, high-altitude platforms)
  • Air-to-ground (fixed and mobile terrestrial or maritime) 
  • Space-to-Space (Satellites in low Earth orbit)
  • Space-to-Ground (LEO satellites)

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