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Ernst-Abbe-University of Applied Sciences Jena
Ernst-Abbe-Fachhochschule Jena
Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 2
07745 Jena

Contact Persons

Dr. Schlegel
Tel.: +49 3641 205 125
Fax.: +49 3641 205 126


The Ernst-Abbe-University of Applied Sciences Jena was founded on 1 October 1991 as one of the first institutions of higher education of its kind in the new Laender. Short periods of studying and a practical orientation complement the education at traditional universities and technical universities perfectly well. Currently, the eight departments of the Jena University of Applied Sciences offer 32 Bachelor and Master programs. About 4,900 students are registered.


Research and development activities at the UAS Jena are inter-disciplinary and application-oriented. R&D projects are carried out in close co-operation with industry, institutes and public services.


Areas of Research and Development:

Life Sciences, Precision Engineering - Optics, Information Processing - Simulation, Automation - Mechatronics, Materials - Manufacturing Technologies, Social Science, Entrepreneurship.


- Medical Engineering - New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

- Optometry

- Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

- Environmental Technology - Ecofriendliness Applied Optics

- Mechanical Oscillations and Technical Acoustics

- Simulation of Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Fields and Systems

- Microprocessor Technology and Design of Electronic Systems

- Design and Testing of Mechatronic Systems

- Control and Feedback Control Systems

- Actuators

- Measurement Technology - Sensors

- Communication Technology

- Ceramic Materials, Synthetic Materials, High-Temperature Materials

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