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Hochschule Trier
Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld - Fuel Cell Centre of Excellence
Kompetenzzentrum Brennstoffzellen- und Batterietechnik
55768 Hoppstaedten-Weiersbach

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Prof. Dr. Gregor Hoogers
Tel.: +49 6782 171 250
Fax.: +49 6782 171 287


development and characterization of components for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM Fuel Cells)

development of autonomous fuel cell power systems based on reformers (1 kW) and direct methanol (100W)

battery (lithium ion) research; redox flow batteries

acoustic, optical, chemical and thermal sensors

signal processing


Fuel Cell Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate: Development of fuel cell system operating on propane/LPG capable of delivering 1-2 kW of electric power (completed)


Direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) system for long-term (approximately 6 months) maintenance free remote operation at low power (1-10 W) (in field trial)


Low-power source for air and camera surveillance purposes (outdoor operation)

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