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RIF e.V. - Institut für Forschung und Transfer
Bereich Robotertechnik
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Strasse 20
44227 Dortmund

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Thorsten Koch
Tel.: +49 231 97 00 77 9
Fax.: +49 231 97 00 77 1


RIF e.V., develops application-based tools for the product's whole life cycle by transferring the results of applied research. The center combines the fields of robotics, virtual worlds, simulation technology, quality management, automation and handling technology, plant and laboratory organization, logistics and microstructure technology.




- "I-LOV - Intelligentes sicherndes Lokalisierungssystem für die Rettung und Bergung von Verschütteten" ("I-LOV - Intelligent securing localization system for search and rescue of buried people") >>


- Subproject 3: Reconnaissance Robotics (BMBF)


- Simulation software vendor


- Industrial projects


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