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Fraunhofer Institut für Siliziumtechnologie ISIT
Fraunhoferstr. 1
25524 Itzehoe

Contact Persons

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Benecke
Tel.: +49 (0) 4821 17 42 10
Fax.: +49 (0) 4821 17 42 50


The Fraunhofer ISIT develops and manufactures components in microelectronics and microsystems technology, from the design phase – including system simulation – to prototyping and fabrication of samples, up to series production. Though components such as acceleration sensors, valves, and deflection mirrors manufactured by Fraunhofer ISIT often measure just a fraction of a millimeter in size, their range of applicability is anything but small: the devices are implemented in areas as diverse as medicine, environmental and traffic engineering, communication systems, automotive industry, and mechanical engineering. Working under contract, ISIT develops these types of components in accordance with customer requirements, also creating the application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) needed for the operation of sensors and actuators. Included in this service is the integration into the overall microsystem using miniaturized assembly and interconnection technology.


Together with Vishay Siliconix Itzehoe GmbH, the institute operates a professional semiconductor production line which is up-to-date in all required quality certifications ( e. g. ISO 9001, TS 16949 et al.). The line is used not only for producing microelectronic components (PowerMOS) and microsystems, but also for R&D projects aimed at developing new components and technological processes.


Other fields of activity at ISIT carry out work on assembly and packaging techniques for microsystems and sensors, analyze the quality and reliability of electronic components, and develop advanced power-supply components for electronic systems.


The institute employs a staff of around 150.


The institute makes its range of services available to companies representing a wide variety of branches, including medical technology, communication systems, automotive industry, and industrial electronics, just to name a few. After industrial customers specify necessary requirements of the components and systems, ISIT engineers work closely with them to design, simulate and produce the components, systems and manufacturing processes. In this context, ISIT follows the technology platforms concept, which entails defining standard process flows that can be used to manufacture a large group of components simply by varying certain design parameters. Applying this modular technology concept is the optimal way to ensure that ISIT continues to offer competitive prices to its customers.


ISIT services have attractive implications for small-and medium-sized enterprises, which can take advantage of the institute’s facilities and expertise in realizing technological innovations up to products.

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