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Fraunhofer-Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems
IT deployment and management systems
Zeunerstraße 38
01069 Dresden

Contact Persons

Dr. K. Danowski
Tel.: +49 (0) 351 46 40 660


The Fraunhofer-Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (Fraunhofer IVI) develops solutions for the optimal prevention of hazards in cooperation with end users. These are authorities and emergency forces from fire brigades, emergency medical service, disaster mangement and police.


The work results have been transferred and will be transferred directly into paractical application to help in saving lives and diminishing damage to property.


The core competencies are data integration as well as process and software development for decision support and highly efficient use of available resources.


Complex database and software systems for planning and operations


- analysis and design of systems for operational planning and decision support


- integration, management and automated update processes for the necessary geographical data


- design and implementation of processes and algorithms for optimization in deployment of resources for hazard prevention


- development of data and application interfaces


- building and placing into operation of complete software systems



Optimized requirements planning for fire brigades and emergency medical services


- Calculation of the effectivity of stations depending on the characteristics of vehicles, roads and paths


- Comparision of many alternatives


- Mathematical location planning and optimization



Camera systems


- autonomous cameras with wireless data transmission for hazard prevention

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