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Institut für Sicherheitstechnik/Schiffssicherheit e. V.
Ship Safety & Security
Friedrich-Barnewitz-Straße 3
18119 Rostock

Contact Persons

M.Sc. D. Sedlacek
Tel.: +49 381 519 62 03
Fax.: +49 381 519 62 57


R&D and education/training in the field of maritime safety and security


successfully completed R&D-projects: 46, for example:


"Elaboration of the process requirements for the automatic rescue of persons in relation to the rescue system configuration"

"Development of e-learning-based, complex training courses for the training of tank ship crews"

"Concept of fire prevention- and fighting in ship engine rooms"

"Risk management in emergency situations on board of seagoing ships"

"Studies on the influence of fire in the engine room to the operating characteristics of engines"

"Maritime terrorism and piracy on the high seas - indicators and parameters to evaluate the safety on board ships and operational handling aids for the implementation of an appropriate safety management according to ISPS Code"

"Reduction of fire and health hazards of oil mist by exposure to cold air or water mist "


current projects: 3, as:

"Complex emergency management training with Web 2.0, Web 2.0-based sub-project training for emergency management on seagoing ships"

"Automatic detection system for person-over-board accidents - Optimized for Conduction ADvanced Planning of Coordinated Maritime Manoeuvres in Emergency Situations"

"Improving the security/safety of people in the ferry sea transport"



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